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About Us
The Bead Society, the oldest of its kind in the United States. July 1, 2018 marks our 44th fiscal year! The Bead Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the study, discussion, and shared knowledge of beads in the United States and throughout the world. The organization has undergone many changes over the years as we grew from fifteen to more than 300 strong.

The Mission of the Bead Society is to disseminate the knowledge of beads and all related subjects. Our goal is to bring that knowledge to as many people worldwide as possible.
President: Kay Deeney
Vice President: Open
Treasurer: Sylvia Humphrey
Membership: Open
Recording Secretaries: Yvonne Woods, Lisa Shatts

Grants Committee: Nikki Donahue (chair), Lois Rose Rose,
Tim Meikle, Diane Duplanty, Lily Ellison
Bazaar Vendor Coordinator: Sylvia Humphrey
Website News Coordinator: Mary Yaeger
"Who Knew" Table Coordinator: Lois Rose Rose
Mystery Bead Contest: Joan Eppen
  Mailing Address:
The Bead Society
PO Box 1456
Culver City, CA 90232
The Bead Society, (originally The Bead Society of Los Angeles) was founded in 1975 by an enthusiastic group of bead collectors, jewelery designers, importers and scholars. At that time, a wealth of old trade beads and ethnic jewelry was being brought into Los Angeles from countries around the world. Because so little bead information existed at that time, the founders felt the need to share their research and study as well as having the opportunity to show their collections and ideas. Soon membership was opened to others interested in beads and The Bead Society quickly grew. The same is true today, society members still meet and share their ideas, finds and knowledge through the monthly meetings, newsletter and bead bazaars organized by the Bead Society.

In 1985 The Bead Society sponsored the first International Bead Conference in celebration of its tenth anniversary.

In 2004 The Bead Society of Los Angeles made bead history with the screening of Diana Friedberg's documentary WORLD ON A STRING at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. The first part of this five-part series, The Eternal Bead, was shown to an invited audience of more than 500 people. No other Bead Society has ever embarked on such a huge project. Diana Friedberg's original idea became a reality with a generous grant from the Bead Society of Los Angeles. Other contributors added their support of this important project.

Now called "The Bead Society" the officers and directors continue to bring the joy and history of beads to many happy members.

Annette Bird
Bettina Brandlein
Dorothea Casady
Millie Combs
Robert K. Liu
Suzanne Miller
Ro Porter
Reedy Talton
Gertrude J. Thomas
Judith Ubick
Mary Evelyn Walker
Boyd Walker
Liza Watagani
Marion Winagura
Murray Winagura
Patti Yeiter

A little more about us:
Our past president, Diana Friedberg has produced the award winning 5-part series World on a String. It tells the remarkable story of human history through one of mankind's tiniest creations - the bead. It is an awesome saga spanning some 100,000 years. For more information visit www.worldonastringproject.com