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Information for Research Grants
The Bead Society offers research grants having to do with bead history, bead trade, bead manufacturing, and related subjects. If your application is accepted, we require a paper or publication of your work for our library, and/or a lecture to the membership.

The Grants Committee meets twice a year in May and November. Grant applications must be postmarked before May 1st and November 1st to be considered.

Grant Committee:
  • Nikki Donahue
  • Lily Ellison
  • Tim Meikle
  • Lois Rose Rose
  • Diane Duplanty
DOWNLOAD a research grant application (PDF file)

You'll be asked to provide:
  • your general contact information
  • a description of the purpose, size, history and mission of your research
  • a timeline of tasks and completion dates
  • an itemized budget
  • a completed IRS W9 form (included with the PDF application)

Get Some Bead Research Practice!

Each month the Bead Society holds a Mystery Bead contest.

The Bead Society will post a picture of a "mystery bead" on this web site. Identify the bead by name and/or a proper description, then write it on a on a slip of paper with your name at the next meeting of the Bead Society. Your entry will be placed in a hat for a drawing, and you could win a prize.