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October 4, 2017 - Pearl Update

This October - renee Newman, pearls


Presenting Renee Newman
Pearl Update: New Types, Fakes, Treatments & Jewelry Styles

Wednesday October 4, 2017 - 7PM until 9:30PM
in the Rotunda Room at the Veterans Memorial Building

Thanks to new and better methods of cultivating freshwater pearls, their size has been increasing, their quality has improved and their shapes have become more varied. They now compete with Tahitian and Australian cultured South Sea pearls in terms of beauty and size. Renée will explain why there are so many different types of cultured freshwater pearls now compared to twenty years ago and she will show examples of how designers are using cultured freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian pearls to create unique pearl jewelry. Also included in her PowerPoint presentation are photos and information about:

• unbleached natural-color cultured Akoya pearls that are now being sold
• characteristics of top quality cultured Akoya pearls
• pearl imitations and how to detect them
• pearl treatments and how to detect some of them
• natural-color cultured "black pearls" from Tahiti and the Sea of Cortez, which have become more colorful in the past ten years
• natural pearls from oysters, mussels, abalone, clams, scallops and conch snails

Renee's Bio
Renee Newman became passionately interested in pearls in the early 1980's while conducting tours to Tahiti, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Japan. Her passengers wanted to know how to judge the quality of the pearls and other gems they saw. In order to answer their questions, she enrolled in the GIA gemology course. After receiving a GIA graduate gemologist diploma, she was hired as a gemologist at a wholesale firm in downtown Los Angeles where she got hands-on experience with diamonds, pearls and colored gems.

Realizing there was a need for books on how to judge gem quality, she decided to write a series of books to help people identify and evaluate gems. The first edition of her Pearl Buying Guide was published in 1992. A new Sixth edition was released this year. If you would like an autographed copy of the new Pearl Buying Guide and/or any of her other books, bring cash or a check. Her books will be available for sale at the meeting for a discounted price of $15 each including sales tax. Additional information and reviews of her books are available at www.reneenewman.com

We Meet at the
Veterans Memorial Building

4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City

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