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Bead Society PremiersAfrican Twilight
for the US!

The Bead Society hosted the USA Premier of the film, African Twilight on June 5th, 2019. It was our last meeting of the year, as our year spans July through June. In addition to Bead Society members, we had many guests both local and all the way from Arizona. Alan Donovan, the executive producer and Chairman of the Murumbi Trust, African Heritage House was our host for the presentation.

The film highlights the event held at the African Heritage House launching the two volume African Twilight book by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. The two have curated 750 color images of ceremonial events from over 150 tribes in 26 countries, 40% of which have already vanished

The Bead Society has the DVDs of the movie available in our library. We have both the full two hour version and the one hour version. Contact Kay Deeney for more information

Jewelry Classes at the
Culver City Bead Bazaar

The Bead Society is offering one jewelry workshop at the April 28th Bead Bazaar. Culver City Rock & Mineral Club member, Janice Metz is teaching Beautiful Bangled Bracelet (netting stitch technique). For more information go to our bazaar website, https://culvercitybeadbazaar.com/register-for-classes/.

Culver City Bead Bazaar Demo Workshops
Check out this year's Demonstrators at our April 28th Bead Bazaar:
Renee Raymond demo: One Step Looper Tool (make & take); make a pair of beaded earrings
Wendy Conner demo: Basic beading with crimps and the tools
Janice Metz demo: Opened-back bezel beads
Karon Cotton demo: Basic wire wrapping techniques!
Ken Rogers demo: The Answer Man responds to questions on beading, bring your stones to find out what they are
Joyce Stone demo: Metaphysics & Crystals, Reiki. Hear about the chakra basics and balances. A quick reiki massage
For more information go to: https://culvercitybeadbazaar.com/demo-list

Culver City Bead Bazaar Vendor/Artists List
Looking for unique handcrafted jewelry? Creating a new jewelry design? Beaders want to get jazzed and inspired? Take a look at our awesome vendor/artist list, we have new exhibitors who will be joining the Bead Society bazaar journey. Pictures of their artistry are also posted on the website. Arts African, Daybreak Designs, Ellen Winer, Jolly Roger, Linda Tidwell Designs, Suzi Click, Touchstones & Healing Stones, Verona Fashion Jewelry, and Wajia Gems are some of our new vendors! To see a full list on our website, go here: https://culvercitybeadbazaar.com/vendor-artists-list

Bazaar Raffle and Bead Society Fundraiser Table
Last Bazaar we had a free raffle which added excitement to our venue, so we are having another raffle. Each attendee will receive a free raffle ticket. We will have several grandprizes. Some of those grandprizes are gift certificates from the Beadchest and the Bead Source. Also, we have some great bead books and vintage Ornament magazines.
At our Bead Society fundraiser table, you will receive a grab bag full of goodies if you purchase $50 or more!

The Bead Society presents the
Holiday Pop Up
with Jewelry Artists!
Welcome to Our World!!!

Showcasing some hot creations and inspiring designs!

This event will be held on Saturday, November 17th
at the Veterans Memorial Building, Rotunda Room
4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 from
10 am - 4 pm. Admission is free!

Want a gift to give or an inspirational piece for yourself? Handmade artwork is truly different from mass produced items. We will have an array of styles, textures, colors, traditional, ethnic and cultural.

So join us for fun shopping and checking names off your holiday lists!

Bead Society Member Angie Carrington Carrington treasures, Wins 2nd Place with Beaded Necklace

Bead Society Member, Angie Carrington who had submitted several jewelry entries to the Orange County Fair has won 2nd place with her beaded necklace and one of her bracelets won 3rd place!

Angie Carrington
Carrington treasures, has statement "Egyptian Goddess" necklace accepted into the Orange County Fair!

To quote Angie: I'm super excited about it. I've been working on this necklace on and off since last year so I'm really happy that it made it through.

I submitted my entry application online on May 30th along with a picture of the necklace that was required. I had to submit under the "Professional" category per the policies and rules. Then I had to wait to see if it was accepted. Finally on June 11th I got the acceptance email. Yay!!

Per the email, I need to deliver the piece to the OC Promenade on Saturday, June 23rd. From there it will be judged by a panel of experts of sorts. I would love it if I won anything, but even if I don't, just having it exhibited at the fair is a WOW for me!

The piece is a combination of several mediums. I incorporated some Soutache and Shibori techniques for the main pendant and included various types and sizes of seed beads, pearls, crystals and metal beads to give the piece some sense of depth.

The entire piece was sewn on black felt and is completely finished with black suede & ribbon in the back. We've attached a picture of the back so you can see.

Make and Take Jewelry Classes

A Huge Success at our

Spring 2018 Culver City Bead Bazaar!

At the Spring 2018 Culver City Bead Bazaar, our Artist Instructors, Mary Yaeger and Deidre Green (AKA Copper Doc) taught three very popular workshops during our Bazaar. Pictures above give you a hint! Mary's Three Square Chain Pattern for bracelets and necklaces ($35), and the Tierra Ring ($35) and Deidre's Charm Bracelet with Copper Jewelry Art ($75) gave bead enthusiasts a change to expand their skills under the guidance of two very talented instructors. These workshop events are held at the Culver City Veterans Memorial Auditorium in conjunction with the Bead Bazaar event. The address is 4117 Overland Avenue, Culver City, 90230. We thank everyone who joined us on Sunday May 6, 2018 from 10AM until 5PM.


Research Grant Given for Analysis of Melon Beads of Tani Tribes of Northeast India

The Grants Committee of the Bead Society recently funded Barbie Campbell Cole for a research grant on using chemical analysis of glass heirloom melon beads worn by the Tani tribes of northeast India. We feel that this research will be of value to the bead community. We received an email from Ms. Cole thanking us.

Dear Nikki Donahue:
I was absolutely delighted to receive your cheque towards my bead research today! A very large thank you to all the members of your grant committee. I am so pleased and can assure you that the Bead Society of Los Angeles will be credited for their support and encouragement.

Kind regards,
Barbie Campbell Cole

Barbie Campbell Cole wrote the following article:
Barbie Campbell Cole. Heirloom Blue-Glass Melon Beads of the Tani Tribes, Northeast India. Beads, Journal of the Society of Bead Researchers 2012, 24:7-25.

Remembering Annette Bird

March 2016

Annette Bird, one of the founders of the Bead Society and a past president passed away in March in Eugene, Oregon. A well-known Southern California artist, Annette was a printmaker, sculptor, jewelry maker and photographer. Her career in art spanned five decades.

The September 1990 issue of Ornament (Autumn 1990, Vol. 14 Issue 1, p32) has an article entitled "Ancient Echoes: The Jewelry Of Annette Bird." From the abstract, the article describes the jewelry designs of Los Angeles-based Annette Bird. Bird casts silver jewelry that reinterprets the simplicity of southwestern rock art and expresses her sense of connectedness with other cultures and other times. Among Bird's jewelry creations are necklaces that contain rock-art-inspired pendants, silver beads intermingled with smaller rock art elements and earrings with Mimbres pot design.

At our April Meeting, several members brought jewelry they had obtained from Annette. There were several examples of the rock-art inspired jewelry. We also shared stories about her studio and her interest in art.

Happy New Year!

January 2016

Happy New Year! We are starting the second half of our year with lots of interesting speakers and events. In January, many of us braved the cold and rain, (we were lucky, it stopped raining for a while) to hear Robert Liu speak about Jewelry in Museums of the World. The talk is a collaboration with Walker Qin, a Chinese bead collector who has traveled to 45 countries and photographed jewelry in 65 museums. They combined their images and knowledge for the lecture which focused on the Indus Civilization and the Zhou Dynasty/Warring States Period. It was fascinating.

In February in honor of Valentine's Day we are focusing on heart jewelry. Bring your heart shaped, or heart inspired, or even jewelry that is dear to your heart! We will have a show and tell and get to know each other! Join us; it will be fun and enlightening!

In March, Floor Kaspers will return to delight us with her travels. She will be fresh from the Tucson Bead Shows. Floor has also gathered much information on the famous bead towns of Germany: Lauscha, Neugablonz and Idar-Oberstein. Additionally, she's authored books on the beads of Briare and Jablonec. More information is coming!

On December 2nd, we had our Annual Bead Society Holiday Party at the Griffin Club, formerly the Beverly Hills Country Club in West LA. We had a lively crowd, almost didn't need the music, and there were raffles for door prizes and for a bead jar for those who brought beads. We ended the evening with the Bead Exchange where we shared some exciting treasures with each other!

Kay Deeney
Bead Society President

The Bead Society's Gift of Beads Gives Joy to Cancer Support Community Patients

Kindly Email All Member News to Mary Yaeger

Bead Society president Kay Deeney and Vice President Licia Ramos presented a beautiful selection of beads, clasps and components to the Cancer Support Community to help with their patient activities. The letter below is a beautiful thank you from Mario Haug, executive director. It also mentions that VP Licia leads beading classes there.

Good Afternoon Kay:

I want to personally thank you for the very generous donation from the Bead Society of Los Angeles! Your contribution of beads and jewelry findings is going to make a big difference in the lives of people suffering with cancer. Unfortunately, over 80 percent of the people served at the Cancer Support Community in Pasadena are in financial dire straits. When someone is diagnosed with this horrible disease, they often cannot work, and many times a spouse or caregiver must also forego work (outside the home) to help care for their loved one.

At the Cancer Support Community we provide services free of charge to all participants. When someone is diagnosed, the patient often finds it difficult to navigate the healthcare system, and to develop a support network to assist them through the many phases associated with the disease. In over 80 percent of the cases, people suffer with depression, unwanted isolation and a lack of control as a result of their diagnosis. The Cancer Support Community exists to help people in this situation. The cornerstone of our program is patient and caregiver support groups, with mind-body classes (such as yoga, beading and journaling), and finally our education component empowers people to learn about the disease and possible treatments. This combination of programs helps address their isolation and the sense that they have lost control.

Our community serves over 1,000 people through support groups and mind-body classes. An additional 1,000 people are served through our education and outreach programs. Licia Ramos has generously offered her time and experience to help patients who thoughts ruminate around the cancer, the depression and the loss of hope that accompanies these thoughts. Your contribution will make it possible for participants to get involved in the beading classes led by Licia, and therefore transform their mindset. They will feel a sense of community and therefore greatly improve their chances of survival. Our beading classes are some of the most popular opportunities we offer. It has been scientifically proven, that if someone participates in our programs, that they can actually improve their chances of survival!

Many thanks to you, and the Bead Society of Los Angeles - for making a difference! We are forever grateful!

Best Regards,

Mario Haug
Executive Director
CSC Pasadena

New Website for Bead Bazaar! Before you know it, the Bead Society's Spring Bead Bazaar will be right around the corner. We have added to our Social Media line up a bead bazaar microsite, so please take the time to check it out. Our site will continue to grow to share and give all kinds of Bead Bazaar information: www.culvercitybeadbazaar.com

Book Thing Bead Society Library! We have set up a library on a website called Library Thing. We are slowly adding books to the collection. Kay will bring about five books to each meeting that members can check out and bring back the following month. For more information, Click Here!