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Information about Using PayPal
The Bead Society of Los Angeles provides a safe and secure way to pay for your membership dues, a Bead Bazaar vendor space and other items through the PayPal system. Use your own credit card or your PayPal account to pay.

Be sure to first complete any options included with your transaction.
For Membership, we'll be asking if you are a single dues payer or 2 at the same address. We'll also be asking if you are new or renewing.

For Bead Bazaar Vendor Space, we'll be asking what kind of space you wish to select for purchase.

IMPORTANT: These options appear as dropdown menus just above the "Add to Cart" BUTTON. (example given below)

Once you have selected your option(s). Then click the "Add to Cart" button. PayPal will then take you through their secure suystem for payment.

Once in the system, PayPal may ask you if you want to pay using your PayPal account OR your credit card:

You will also be asked to review your payment

and to click the "Pay Now" button.

Your receipt will be shown on screen AND it will also be emailed to you. All PayPal receipts are emailed to the purchasers. Your receipt will contain an ID number. This is the number that you put on either your membership form or Bead Bazaar vendor form.

That's it! Just mail in your Membership or Bead Bazaar vendor form to the address listed (on the downloadable form). Also, if you forgot to download a form for Membership or the Bead Bazaar vendor space, there's a link that pops up following your completed transaction. Just click the colored bar and the appropriate form will download for you.

We Meet at the
Beverly Hills Country Club

3084 Motor Ave.
Cheviot Hills
West Los Angeles

(near the 10 Freeway & National
park behind club, just off Manning)

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The Bead Society of Los Angeles monthly meetings feature illustrated lectures by an authority on beads or related subjects. Meetings start with a social hour and refreshments.

This is a great opportunity to meet with like-minded bead enthusiasts, collectors, bead-makers and share their knowledge. This is your bead society and everyone has the opportunity to learn something from others.